Handbook of catchment management / edited by Robert C. Ferrier and Alan Jenkins

出版者 Chichester : Blackwell
出版年 c2010
大きさ xii, 540 p. : ill. ; 26 cm
内容注記 The catchment management concept / Robert C. Ferrier and Alan Jenkins
Wetland management / Mike Acreman, J O Mountford
Flood management / Ralph Schielen
Ecological consequences of river channel management / Nikolai Friberg
Managing agricultural catchments to sustain production and water quality / Andrew Sharpley ... [et al.]
Effluent management / Alan Jenkins
Managing urban runoff / J. Bryan Ellis
Catchment to coast systems : managing microbial pollutants for bathing and shellfish harvesting waters / Dave Kay
Irrigation management in a catchment context / Shabaz Khan
Managing potable water supply / Bernard Barraque
Managing catchments for hydro power generation / Haakon Thaulow ... [et al.]
The Danube River : the most international river basin / Philip Weller
Murray-Darling Basin : integrated management in a large, dry, and thirsty basin / Sarah Ryan
Water resources in South East England : a dilemma in sustainable development / John C. Rodda
Managing the catchments of the Great Barrier Reef / Jane Waterhouse
Catchment management case study : Senegal River / Mike Acreman
Laguna de Bay, a tropical lake under pressure / Maria Victoria O. Espaldon
Chesapeake Bay catchment management : lessons learned from a collaborative, science based approach to water quality restoration / Tom Simpson
The Glasgow strategic drainage plan / J. Bryan Ellis
The Ruhr catchment (Germany) : the contribution of reservoirs to integrated river basin management / Gerd Morgenschweis
Evolution of river basin management in the Okavango system, Southern Africa / Piotr Wolski
Basin management approaches used in a high-latitude northern catchment : the Mackenzie River Basin / Frederick J. Wrona
Synopsis / Robert C. Ferrier and Alan Jenkins
一般注記 Includes bibliographical references and index